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Our Vision is simple – to be the best forward-thinking provider for Property Management Services on the Sunshine Coast.  We provide clients and tenants with the highest level of service and transparency and offer our Property Management expertise across all areas of real estate, at every stage of the life cycle.  

Tanya’s attention to detail, professionalism and friendly nature combined to deliver a flawless service that exceeded expectations. I can definitely recommend her Property Management services!

George and Ana


I had the pleasure of leasing a property through Tanya’s company and she definitely is the ideal agent! She is extremely friendly and personable, she made the whole process so easy from start to finish and I feel very lucky to have had an agent like her. It has been hands down the best experience I’ve had with leasing a property. Couldn’t recommend more.

Cillian and Niamh


Our team members are property investors themselves and truly understand the importance of a great property manager who goes above and beyond - that is why our Property Management Team is hands-on and will assist you with the growth and management of your Residential and Commercial Assets.  

Adding value to your assets is our primary focus, along with providing real insight and forward-thinking advice from our flexible team of experts.  Our customer-first approach combined with an in-depth knowledge of property enables us to deliver first class Property Management Services, offering an enhanced experience for landloards and tenants.

At Your Ideal Agent we put great value on creating strong, lifelong relationships with clients because we believe it’s always important to go above and beyond our client’s expectation.  We combine local knowledge and research to provide strategic advice on buying, managing and selling of portfolios and individual property assets.  We draw on unrivalled experience to make sure that every property receives our tailor-made customer service and led by the client’s unique circumstances and interests.  

We offer a wide range of property management services and can tailor any package to suit your needs.

starting from 4% through to 7.25% (plus gst)

  • Maximum Rental Returns for Your Investment
  • Property Management - the day-to-day activities related to a property's operations
  • Owner and Tenant Portal -everything at your fingertips
  • 24/7 Emergency Support Hotline - for Tenants
  • Comprehensive Property Reports - entry and exit reports with over 400 photos!
  • Property Health Management Plans - keeping your property in peak condition
  • Buyers Agent - helping you grow your portfolio 
  • Your Selling Agent - loyalty discount if you sell with us 

This approach and our track record of success has led us to be market leaders, with a strong reputation for strategic oversight, accurate advice and professional service.

Are You Looking to Change Your Manager?

Then take advantage of our Complimentary Property Consultation with no strings attached.  If you are concerned about your asset and the way it’s currently managed, or you’d simply like to consult with an expert for help and advice then call Your Ideal Agent today.

We understand it can feel stressful at times and while it may feel a lot easier to just throw it all in the ‘too-hard’ basket and simply stay where you are, making the switch really can give you peace of mind and save you a lot of money.  Did you know it takes just 30 days written notice to change to a new manager?

We make the change to Your Ideal Agent easy.   When you partner with us we'll communicate directly with your current agent and arrange everything for you (at no charge).  It is possible to change Property Managers smoothly and at Your Ideal Agent, we make it a stress free switch to the Ideal Asset Management system.

Property Management Team


There is just something to be said about a Principal who is an active investor with 25 plus years personal experience.

Our personal experience as investors brings a true understanding of the intricacies of property investment and we recognise the importance of an exceptional, professional and customer service focused Property Manager.

Being entrusted to take care of one of your biggest assets, whether you have one property or a whole portfolio, we understand you want to make sure someone professional and experienced is available to take care of all your real estate needs.



There’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the right Property Manager and it will be one of the most important investment decisions you make.  Property Managers are there to take care of one your biggest assests so finding a professional agent you can trust is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a landlord and will have an impact on your overall enjoyment of being an investor and your return and capital growth of your investment.

If you think of your investment property or portfolio like a business – you want the best people working for you to ensure its success, as well as to save unnecessary stress and costs. Having the right team of specialist in place can make a world of difference and at Your Ideal Agent you’ll work with an experienced Property Manager.

Verbal references and reviews are worth their weight in gold during this process.  We are happy to provide you with the contact name and numbers of landlords who we are currently working with so you can call them directly for a chat.

You’ll spend a lot of time communicating with your agent so it's important you feel they support you.  Your Ideal Agent is passionate people and property.  We are dedicated to our clients to ensure your legal obligations are met and you are always protected - we advise you on how to achieve the best long term rental income and capital growth for your property.

We are the whole package and true professionals and well equipped to answer all your questions regarding home ownership and property investment.

It’s Clear To See Why Our Team Members are The Ideal Agents,

Providing The Ideal Service To All Our Clients.

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If you're looking to grow your portfolio our Asset Management Team will be on hand every step of the way.

We view properties on a daily basis and know what to look for.  We understand the intricacies of the local market and a Buyer's Agent who understands the local real estate market can go a long way when the time comes to make an offer on a property.  Having an expert without the emotional attachment helps eliminate stress and will save you time and money throughout the buying process of your next investment property.

We understand how time consuming and stressful it can be when searching and negotiating - that's why we take care of all the necessary research, analysis and legwork for you.


When using a Asset Management company, a property owner is able to keep a professional distance from their tenants. Getting too personally involved can result in being too lenient on certain issues or too defensive about certain types of complaints. Renting out a property is a business and it is much easier for a Asset Manager to keep things on a strictly professional level. When issues arise, a professional Asset Manager is better prepared to deal with the problem effectively.

Our fees are usually fully tax deductible because you can generally claim an immediate deduction (that is, against your current year's income) for your expenses related to the management and maintenance of your investment property.

House in Hand


At times, maintaining your property may seem costly.  However, regular property maintenance essentially reduces the time spent keeping your property in peak condition with less cost to you. Because simple, straightforward repairs are much quicker to plan and carry out than the complicated repairs that will develop if maintenance is ignored.  

With a Yearly Health Check and comprehensive Property Maintenance Plan, we maintain maximum rental yields and capital gains for your property.


The current market value is important for a whole host of reasons such as; insurance purposes, property tax, financial planning and monitoring your nest egg.  By reviewing the market value of your property annually, you can assess if you are in negative equity and if so by how much. We believe this information is extremely important when you are making major life choices or talking to your bank/financial advisor; especially when you’re considering selling, downsizing, upgrading or looking to grow your investment portfolio. 


Together We Are Stronger

Teamwork with our clients is important.  Teamwork within our organization is essential.  We empower our team to think beyond their job description, delivering customer service excellence.

We Deliver Excellence

Our passion, knowledge and systems ensures our clients benefit from maximum rental yields and capital gains for their property.

We Make It Easy

Our clients are the heart of our business.  There is no one-size fits all approach for any of our clients. We take the time to understand our clients and tailor our services to meet their needs.

Innovation Driven

We ‘break the mould’ and challenge the industry.  We lead the way and push the limits strategically, creatively, and technically to achieve success for our clients.

Client Service Is Key

We focus on delivering a complete concierge service where all our clients receive our white glove customer service.


We listen to what our clients want and where they wish to go.  It's about doing what's right to ensure our clients have the best team working for them.

Reviews Offer Valuable Guidance!

Our Clients Are Our Best Advertisement


Estimating the value of your property is necessary for a variety of endeavours, including financing, selling, investment analysis, property insurance, and taxation. For most people, determining the asking price of their property is the most useful application of an appraisal. Our Complimentary Property Consultation will be personalised to your property and will help you better understand where your property stands in the current market.