​Marketing and Commission

The Ideal Commission

​The Best Agents at an IDEAL Commission.  A superior home selling experience with Your Ideal Agent who will sell your home for top dollar for a set fee​.  We utilise technology to bring efficiency and cost savings to the real estate transaction.

Marketing Elements



Local Area Direct Mail

​The best PR candidates are the neighbours who live around your home. They tend to sell the area to people they know and are often responsible to push buyers (especially when they know them) to higher prices during the campaign. After all it’s in their best interests for you to sell the home for a great price.


​Given to every buyer that comes through your home, these professional brochures are graphically designed to not only give all the information on your home to the buyer, and will keep at the top of mind.  With 300 flyer drop to neighbours.


​​Leading Real Estate portals such realestate.com.au; (90 day Premier) and domain.com.au (Platinum Listing 120 days and Platinum eBrochure) and social media.

Marketing ​and Service Investment

​Our home selling strategy attains the best results for selling in the shortest amount of time, for top dollar; and most importantly, puts more money in your pocket at the closing table!

Marketing Preparation

  • ​Unlimited professional day photos
  • ​Professional dusk photos
  • ​Drone photos
  • ​Colour floor plan
  • ​Disclosure Statement from Body Corporate
  • ​Professional copywriting
  • ​Property Brochures and Flyers (colour)
  • ​Current Title Search
  • ​Administration and sundries

Digital and E-Marketing

Online website advertising on the following websites:

  • ​realestate.com.au (90 day premier)
  • ​domain.com.au (Platinum Listing 120 days and Platinum eBrochure)
  • ​onthehouse.com.au
  • ​homely.com.au
  • ​ratemyagent.com.au
  • ​homepass.com.au
  • ​sunshinecoastdaily.com.au
  • ​apn.com.au (Australia Property Group)
  • ​inspectrealestate.com.au
  • ​househunting.com.au
  • ​social media and audience maximiser

​This is the minimum marketing package we would recommend for this property to achieve the best result.

Optional Extras - Printed Media

​Sunshine Coast Daily Real Estate plus Lift into Mid-Week Real Estate Magazines:
−    4 week campaign

​Full Page


​Half Page


​Quarter Page


​One Eighth Page


Remember: The goal of marketing is to reach the maximum potential buyers for your property as possible.  Advertising your property across multiple platforms - including internet and social media - dramatically increases the scope of buyers we will reach, some of whom might not even be actively looking. The more interested buyers, the greater the opportunity to achieve the ideal sale price.

Optional Extras - ​Openn Negotiations

​Openn Negotiations platform


​Auctioneer (Tanya is a licenced auctioneer so no additional fees)


How Does Openn Negotiations Work?

Openn Negotiations (an online auction process that allows for flexible contract terms).  We believe Openn Negotiations brings together the best of both a private treaty and auction ensuring the best results for the seller while allowing the buyers to put their best forward with transparency.  Below are some quick links for easy reference.

​​Openn Negotiation Explained

​How it Works

​Benefits for ​sellers

​Benefits for buyers

​Want to learn more about Openn Negotiation?

​Contact us to find out how Openn Negotiation can work for you.  Alternatively you can click the button for more ​videos.