​Methods of Selling Your Property

​​There are many different ways to sell your property.  Keep reading to find the options available to you...

​Your Selling Options Explained


​Selling by Private ​Treaty

​​The most popular way to sell a property in Queensland.  ​In a private treaty, the vendor sets a price for the sale and your agent advertises your property for sale at this price.  Prospective buyers will either accept the asking price or submit a counter offer at a lower price.  ​When both parties have agreed a price, ​a contract is signed by both parties and the sale proceeds.

  • ​Advertise your home and invite offers from prospective buyers
  • ​Negotiate the sale with a buyer
  • ​sign a written contract with the buyer to complete the sale

​Selling by Auction

​An auction is also a private sale.  At a specified date and time and following a marketing campaign, a licensed real estate agent will conduct an auction.

Prospective buyers will gather at the location and ​an auctioneer will accept bids on the property.  The highest bid received that is in excess of the reserve price typically proceeds to sale.

​Selling by Openn Negotiation

​​Openn Negotiation is a new and innovative way to sell your property over the internet.  It uses a property purchasing platform designed to ​be fair for the seller and the buyer.  

  • ​Openn Negotiation is a process that will help sellers find the best price for their property through transparency
  • ​The property market is always changing - it’s REALLY important you don’t overprice your property and scare potential buyers off.
  • ​Buyers can see what all qualified bidders are willing to pay - which means we’ll never leave money on the table
  • Price uncapped
  • Creates urgency with a deadline
  • Creates urgency with a deadline
  • Competitive environment
  • Suited ​properties likely to attract a lot of interest